Specializing in Custom Monograms, Wedding Signage, and Teaching Calligraphy

 I love letters! ... Check out Instagram:  karenhelble

Being a calligrapher for over 35 years and watching the fads come & go, I am thrilled to see a comeback in the appreciation for hand lettering!

My sculptural background in pewtersmithing, combined with my enjoyment of weaving baskets and cloth, has led me to a unique style of weaving letters. It is a rewarding challenge to figure out how best to intertwine the characters. Each letter combination is different ... making it new and exciting, every time I create a new monogram.

Classic monograms are always popular, but how awesome it is to have your own custom monogram designed especially for you! Brides can add their personal branding by using them on their invitations, menus, signage, cocktail napkins, thank you notes, etc.

I recently finished teaching another class on copperplate calligraphy at the Round Hill Arts Center. If you have any interest in learning, contact me!  I'm always up to offer another class... I teach various styles and offer private lessons, or small groups. Grab a few friends who are interested, and contact me.


Due to the custom nature of most calligraphy projects, it would be best for you to speak directly with Karen. Feel free to contact her through our "Contact" page on this website. She would love to discuss ideas with you.